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Your Questions Answered

What is Club Volleyball?

Club volleyball is for anyone interested in learning and playing the sport at a higher level than they might be able to find playing at school, in a local rec league, church league, or local YMCA. Volleyball clubs like PEPVB focus on forming teams, organized by age, to train together and compete in tournaments against other clubs. 


Unlike some school programs, church leagues, or rec leagues, our PEPVB coaches are never parent volunteers, or coaches from other sports. Our coaches are experienced and accredited, and include many current and former college, high school, or feeder volleyball coaches - people that are really passionate about our sport. Each coach on staff has gone through a background screening, completed SafeSport Training, and are IMPACT Certified. 


At tryouts, we form teams for the season. A team typically consists of 10 athletes and a head coach. These teams begin training together during our pre-season in November/December, working around the holidays. Our Local and Travel teams' practices are typically two times per week, in the evenings. Some teams may schedule an occasional weekend "bonus" practice/scrimmage as well. Our Travel teams will also enjoy the benefits of volleyball performance sessions once a week by our certified Sports Performance coaching staff.


The regular season, January-April, will also see teams in the gym two-three times per week working around tournaments. At PEP we believe in our players learning the same terminology and experiencing the same coaching cues across all age divisions. Until our first tournament, all teams will be trained under a "master training" environment with Coach EC and staff. This is where all our teams are executing the same practice plan, working directly with our most experienced coaches, running the same drills, learning the same principles and strategies, and doing strength and conditioning exercises together. After our first tournament, practice each week is a team practice where each head coach executes their own practice plan, based on the specific needs of the team as shown from the previous tournament play. 

Local vs Travel Teams?

Local teams typically consist of athletes that are new to club volleyball or athletes that are not quite ready for the commitment of a travel team in the regional/national level of tournaments. The local level of play allows newer athletes to learn at their pace and not have to commit to traveling 6+ hours for a tournament. The local level tournaments are usually one day tournaments in Jacksonville, Valdosta, Brunswick, or Waycross. 

Travel teams typically consist of athletes that are more seasoned in the sport of volleyball and are ready for that commitment of competing in our regional championships or for a bid to a national championship tournament. These teams will travel anywhere in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama and the tournament format can be 2-3 days long. National championship tournaments can be in any state in the US and are typically a week long. 

What does club tuition NOT cover?

Club tuition does not include: 

-USAV/SRVA membership

-AAU membership (if applicable) 

-Tournament Fees

-Player apparel


-Personal travel expenses and food

-Hotels (some tournaments are "stay and play" meaning to participate in that tournament, each family has to book rooms in pre-selected hotels) (coaches will send out this information when tournaments are chosen)


What is the tryout process for club?

Once checked in from registration, the athletes will warm up, be broken up into groups of 5 based on their tryout numbers (group 1: 1-5, group 2: 6-10, etc.), and then undergo a series of age-appropriate drills to evaluate skill level. After each skill is assessed, players will participate in some form of a 6on6 or 3on3 to end tryouts. Players are evaluated on a scale of 1-3 for each different skill. 1 being "needs improvement", 2 being "fair", and 3 being "consistent/good". 


Teams will be chosen to fill positions on the court not based on the "best top 10". For example, each coach will (probably) choose: 2 outside hitters, 2 middle hitters, a right side hitter, a setter, 2 defensive specialists, a libero, and a "versatile" player. 


Some players may be "called back" and asked to attend a higher age group's tryout if coaches see the player needs a higher level of play than their current age. 


I am nervous about tryouts. Do you offer any pre-tryout trainings?


We offer several different workshops and clinics in May, June, and July to prepare for club tryouts as well as school ball tryouts. 


Potential Elite Prospects Volleyball Club is a travel volleyball organization sanctioned under USAVolleyball in the Southern Region Volleyball Association and sanctioned under AAU. We are dedicated to training athletes ages 10-18 in season. Our organization was formed in the 2021-2022 season and will be competing for a third season in 2023-2024. In our first year we had 3 club teams and we plan to expand to 8 teams this coming travel season!

Who can participate?

Anyone can tryout for a team! Our teams ages 10-12 can be co-ed with both boys and girls participating, and all other age groups are for any female wanting to participate. There's nothing more fun than playing a club season - wearing the PEPVB uniform, practicing with your team, and competing against other clubs in real tournaments.


Throughout the regular January - April season, teams will play in weekend tournaments. We like to schedule 5 tournaments per team per season (at least one per month). Each tournament's entry fee can be anywhere from $200 to $1,000. A typical regional tournament might be three "pool play" matches on a Saturday morning or afternoon, followed by a Sunday playoff bracket. Coaches will choose, based off of tryouts,  which level each individual team will be competing in for tournaments. In most instances our younger teams will be local based teams not traveling more than a two hour distance for one day tournaments. Our older, more seasoned teams will most likely be our traveling teams with some 2-3 day tournaments potentially 6+ hours away. 

What does club tuition cover?

We pride ourselves in providing elite coaches, collegiate level training, and booking high level tournaments for our players. 

Club tuition covers:

-Coaches monthly stipends

-Coaches hotel and travel expenses

-Facility rentals

-Team equipment

*Initial Acceptance Fee is to hold your spot on the roster as well as contributing towards the coaches' travel expenses for the upcoming season. 

*We will have a HUGE fundraiser in October to pay for uniforms and tournament fees! 


We will have two major fundraisers before purchasing uniforms and to pay for the tournament fees. These fundraisers are business sponsorship packages and our DoubleGood popcorn fundraiser.  Anything you personally fundraise over the necessary amount for tournament fees and uniforms will roll over to your club tuition balance. So, essentially, the more you fundraise, the less you have to pay for club. 

How will I know if I made a team?

At the end of tryouts, coaches will collaborate on how to fill their rosters for the season. Once rosters are set, we will update the website under the Teams 2023-2024 tab. Under each age division, players tryout numbers will be posted until players commit to a roster spot. Players will receive an email asking whether or not they accept or decline their roster slot. Player names will be displayed on the website once the full roster commitment has been made. Commitments and Initial Acceptance Fees must be made by September 1st, after which the roster slot will then be offered to another player. 


If not selected for a team, we offer many different training opportunities throughout the year. These include: VolleyTots, Developmental League, Club Prep, Small Group and Individual Lessons, summer camps, as well as the occasional pop-up weekend skills clinics. 


Beast of the South East?

Growing the Southeast Georgia volleyball community is our goal! As many of our returning club families can attest to, South Georgia is behind in the volleyball world. It is Coach EC's and her staff's mission to grow a VOLLEYBALL EMPIRE in an area where football is king. 

PEP is home to athletes anywhere from Fernandina/Yulee, Camden County, and the Glynn County areas. As we plan to expand this club season from 6 teams to possibly 8 teams, we also have to expand from just our PEP facility (one court) and more! We have procured Needwood Middle School (2 courts) in Brunswick as one of our practice locations for the club season and are looking to rent out more schools in the surrounding area to accommodate our growth (hopefully some Camden County Schools gyms). This expansion could give our teams more in-season practice time. That being said, each practice may be at a different location each week. The location and times will be communicated weekly by the head coaches. Official announcements will be made once we have officially signed a contract for the schools.


PEP Facility:

1495 South 50th Avenue

Kingsland, GA. 31548

Needwood Middle School:

669 Harry Driggers Blvd.

Brunswick, GA. 31525 

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